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 Pneumatic Conveying

Cyclonaire 1

Cyclonaire semi-dense or dense phase for unloading railcars from single or multiple locations. From abrasives to plastics. Engineered and designed for application.

Vacuum Loaders

Vacuum Loaders and Kits for transferring products from bags, super sac, bins, extruder, and other process equipment.

Cyclonaire Square

Cyclonaire semi dense conveying,
pre-blending products prior to transfer for in-plant or load-out.

Vacuum Loaders2

Cyclonaire Faster Unloading from Pneumatic Trailers and Railcars.

Cyclonaire 3

Cyclonaire dense phase batching and conveying systems. For the rubber industry. To help on degradation and dust containment.

Cyclonaire Square2

Cyclonaire Dense/Dilute Phase hazardous Material Handling and Conveying for the Battery Industry.

Feeding, Batching, Mechanical, Conveying and Screens

Kubota-Brabender 1

Kubota-Brabender Complete Feeding System for Extrusion Production.


Sterling Systems Material Weighing, Ingredient Batching, Process Controls/Automation, Bulk Bag Handling and Liquid Dosing.


JVI Vibratory feeders regulate flow of bulk materials from storage, delivering bulk materials on demand at rates required by the process. Vibratory feeders handle a wide range of bulk material sizes from light duty fine powders up to heavy duty rocks and ore.

Kubota-Brabender 1

Kubota-Brabender Gravimetric Volumetric Feeding for Dry or Wet material handling applications.


Precia Molen has a range of belt scales that are designed to meet your requirements to weigh online. Designed for powders up to blocks, on conveyors up to 3m wide.


JVI Spiral elevators gently convey bulk solids, granules, powder, and other materials vertically at controlled feed rates. Ideal for compact production areas and often provide thermal treatment to the materials in transit.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators are one of the most efficient ways of conveying bulk materials vertically. Based on this design the integrity of the materials are typically maintained.


Kubota-Brabender Gravimetric Batch Feeding for Dry or Wet material handling applications.


Cambelt Material Weighing, Ingredient Batching, Process Controls/Automation, Bulk Bag Handling and Liquid Dosing.


JVI screens create material separation by particle size and sort materials for efficient handling. Designed for heavy quarry products, metal alloys, plastics, glass, grain, food & beverage, and more.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors provide an efficient method of conveying a wide range of materials, varying in particle size and densities. Designed for short or long distances, horizontal, incline, and vertical.


Rotary Airlocks are used in many applications. They are designed to separate a pressure differential by sealing off Airflow from a hopper, bin, or convey line.

Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors and Screw Feeders provide a reliable method of transporting a broad range of bulk materials. Horizontal, incline, and vertical designs available depending on application.


JVI Vibratory conveyors provide low maintenance, long distance conveying of bulk materials to downstream industrial processes. They are able to handle a wide range of materials from food and chemical products to heavy abrasive metals and ore.

 Air Pollution Control, Dust Collection, and Clean-Up


Cyclones for larger particulate applications as stand-alone dust collector, or cyclones can serve as a primary separator prior to a baghouse.


Industrial Dust Collectors, designed and engineered to a specific application. When selecting equipment to manage air quality, we can provide a standard model to a special application model.


Absorbers bring gas and liquid phases in contact so that contaminants in the gas phase absorb into the liquid phase as a result of their interaction.


Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems are designed to help keep the work area clean and safe for the operators. Custom designed for many materials.


Heat exchangers are specifically designed to cool dirty gas streams with high inlet temperatures and a quick payback.

 Mixing & Drying


Vettertec Ring (multi-pass) and Flash Dryer (single-pass) technologies are pneumatic type drying systems well known for their reliability and drying efficiency. Products from wet cakes to wet pastes.


PerMix Homogenizer will produce stable emulsions and creams, wet and disolve sticky powder (gums, thickeners, stabilizers), deagglomerate and disperse micro-phase solid ingredients (silicon dioxide, bentonite, titanium dioxide) into liquids without fish-eyes or other similar tricky tasks.


Vettertec Spray Dryers are used for various products, especially if there are high hygienical demands at the final product of if special particle properties should be met. Since it is a very gently drying method, it is also used preferably to dry heat sensitive products.


PerMix Double Planetary Mixer is engineered with two blades that rotate while they orbit the mix vessel (also known as bowl) on a common axis. The mixer bowl may be jacketed for circulation of heating or cooling media.


PerMix Plow Mixers offer a diverse selection, available in two types: Horizontal Plow Mixers and Horizontal Plow Mixer/Dryers. Designed for homogenous and consistent mixing of powders, granules, solids, liquids, or even sticky materials.


PerMix Ribbon Mixers, also known as paddle mixers, are a type of horizontal mixer distinguished by their double helical ribbon agitators. These agitators create a unique fluidizing action, ensuring thorough blending of dry, semi-dry, or moist materials. The design promotes consistent mixing and allows for a wide range of viscosities. 


PerMix Vertical Paddle Mixers are efficient and versatile blending machines for batch mixing of free-flowing powders, granules, and pellets. Allows the material particles and ingredient to be mixed with minimal mechanical and thermal stress.


Cleaveland Mixer provides top entry and side entry mixers and set the standard for reliability, quality, and performance. All agitators are engineered to deliver optimum efficiency and results for each individual process.

 Magnetic Metal Separation


Drawer-In-Housing magnetic separators, also known as Drawer Magnets. Ideal for hard-to-reach locations, fine tramp metal, frequent cleaning or an automated processing plant.


Industrial Magnetics, Granulator, Flush Face, Spout Plate Magnets, designed for gravity feed and handle fine to large ferrous particle separation. Superior wash-off protection for high volume applications.


Industrial Magnetics, Bullet Magnet and Pneumatic Line Housing are ideal for pneumatic convey lines. Sealed to eliminate line pressure drops and surges. Ideal for hard-to-reach locations and removal of fine tramp metal.


Industrial Magnetics, Magnetic Grate Separators, also known as grate magnets or hopper magnets, deliver ferrous tramp metal separation in bins, chutes, drawers, hoppers and circular enclosures.


Industrial Magnetics, Magnetic Drum Separators provide ferrous metal removal for dry, bulk products in free-flowing processing systems. Continuously self-cleaning units.


Industrial Magnetics, Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separators and Suspended Electromaget. These are designed for cross belt or overband conveyor applications. Powerful and deep-reaching magnetic field for applications that have a deep product burden.

 Bulk Bag Handling, Bagging and Packaging


NOVA Automation uses world-leading robotic technologies to integrate complete system solutions. Best equipment solution tailored to custoemr specific application requirement for bags, cases, pails, drums and kegs.


NOVA Automation Volumetric Filler is designed to maximize fill speed and accuracy, while offering simplified maintenance and operation. Can be used alone or in conjunction with automated bagging and palletizing systems.


NOVA Automation creates both low-entry and high-entry palletizer designs to meet all types of speed and product demands.


Wide range of filling equipment allows for a machine to fit every need. Equipment is designed to fill bags, boxes, pails, drums, bulk bags, gaylord containers and custom containers.


NOVA Automation bagging systems achieve the highest operating efficiency and offer labor saving R0I for all types of poly, paper, woven and laminated bag filling applications.


Bulk Bag Unloaders and Bulk Bag Fillers can meet many process requirements. Provides a safe, dust-free and convenient way to discharge or fill bulk bags.

 Size Reduction, Milling, Classification, Pelletizing and Cooling


CSE Bliss Hammer Mills are designed to achieve optimum performance that lasts in even the most demanding applications. With extensive size reduction experience in the wood, agriculture, biofuel, feed, and pet food industries.


PerMix Pin Mills are grinding mills that utilize closely spaced, intermeshing pins to finely grind or pulverize a variety of materials. Designed for precision grinding to achieve precise particle sizes. Versatility from fine powders to coarse granules. Can handle a diverse range of materials, including grains, spices, minerals, and more.


CSE Bliss Rotary Feeder is designed to provide a steady, consistent supply of material across the full inlet of the hammer mill. This helps to achieve the hammer mills full grinding capabilities.


PerMix Micro Pulverizer is a mechanical device designed for the grinding and processing of granular materials into fine powders. These compact machines utilize advanced grinding mechanisms to achieve micron-sized particles, making them ideal for a wide range of applications across industries. 


CSE Bliss Pellet Coolers promise efficient cooling for high-quality pellets. Counter Flow cooling technology can be used for a variety of products including, livestock feed pellets, pet food kibble, soy cake and other pressed/formed products.


Shutte Dual Stage Ultra Fine Grinding Wood Hammer Mill is designed to produce the finest finish grind from a variety of in-feed materials.


CSE Pellet Mills works at the optimum capacity in both small or large facilities and produces high-quality pellets. These durable machines promise efficiency, reliability, and superior pellet quality. Are ideal for wood and biomass as well as agriculture and pet food pelletizing applications.


PerMix Jet Mill is a high-performance grinding machine designed to pulverize particles through the use of highly pressurized gas or air. Unlike traditional mechanical mills, jet mills rely on fluid energy to create a dynamic environment for size reduction. The heard of a jet mill is its nozzle, where compressed gas accelerates particles to high velocities, resulting in efficient and uniform grinding.



CP Group provides high-quality large and small Material Recovery Facility (MRF) solutions for a variety of sectors, including residential recycling, municipal solid waste, front-end waste to energy, green waste, organics, construction and demolition, commercial and industrial and electronic waste.


CP Group disc screens provide the best separation in the industry for newspaper, cardboard, mixed papers and containers.


CP Group, Auger Screen, the presort is the most dangerous sorter position in a MRF. Sharps, biohazards, glass, needles, and other materials hidden under a large burden depth of material. This is a first of its kind machine used as a primary fractionating screen in a single stream. It diverts 60% or more of the inbound material away from the traditional presort.


CP Group air separation technology uses air to convey dry materials, such as foil, film, dust and fractions of paper and plastic that can otherwise be very costly and difficult to remove from the materials streams.


CP Group optical sorters are field-proven to provide efficient and effective automated separation for paper, plastics, emtals, glass, wood, E-Scrap, and more.


CP Group, Trommel Separation, using a revolving screened cylinder to accomplish the separation of material by size. Ideal for construction and demolition waste, municipal solid waste, green waste and waste to energy front-end separation systems.

 Storage, Discharge Aids & Load-Out


Factory welded one-piece silos. Range in size from 15ft diameter and 90 ft long. Material of construction comes in epoxy coated steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Bolted Silos are also available.


Kubota Brabender Bin Activator is ideal for materials that are compactable. Provides a consistent refilling of downstream metering or conveying equipment. Suitable for silos made of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum or plastic.


Severfield Rotoflo is an exceptional silo discharge system and has been continuously developed and improved to ensure it remains the leader in silo discharge and material handling solutions. The Rotoflo prevents powder flow problems and bridging of materials in storage. Designed for multiple outlets, no aeration, no vibration and runs almost maintenance free.


Precia Molen Automatic Bulk Scales are designed for fast flow measurement with high accuracy. The solution is an on-line discontinuous weigher for products, such as wheat, corn, rice, cereals and fertilizers.


AM Manufacturing Loading spout provides a reliable and dust-free solution for loading out trucks or railcars. There are several options available depending on application.


Precia Molen Load Cells for industrial weighing in the most difficult conditions for tanks, hoppers, silos.

 Detection, Measurement, Monitoring, Inspection Products and Services


Clearsight Drone Deployable NDE is the latest in inspection robotics. The industry-leading drone reaches new heights with its effortless 360-degree flying ability. Drone can also perform thickness measurement using Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) and Dry-Film Thickness (DFT) in accordance with most industry NDE standard methods.


Greenbank BOILERWATCH acoustic pyrometer is an advanced industrial instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high combustion-gas temperatures, permitting fuel trimming control within heaters and boilers. The system is completely non-intrusive and operates on the principal that the speed of sound in a gas is proportional to the temperatures of that gas.


Greenbank Acoustic Leak Detection System is a modular expandable system has been designed to meet virtually every application requirement for performance and economy. Greenbank can provide either airborne or structure borne sensors as the application requires.


Greenbank LevelCheck microwave barrier is used to monitor limit levels of solids in silos, containers, storage tanks, pipe systems, etc.


Greenbank Mass Flow Measurement is equipped with the newest microwave technology and is used to measure the flow of quantities of solids in metallic pipes. All powders, dust, pellets and granules can be measured reproducibly. Is suitable for inline measurements in pneumatic pipelines or in free-fall.


Mass Flow Measurement for Dry Bulk Solids for dense phase conveying and gravity flow.

 Abrasion Resistant Materials


CBP Basalt and Ceramic line pipe and fittings. Designed for extreme hardness and abrasion resistance. In addition, it will withstand high temperatures.


CBP Alumina Ceramic and Basalt Tiles ideal for lining silos, bins, exhaust fan wheels, etc.